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In the iconic 111 West 57th Street building, the design team for this unit envisioned as a seamless integration of interior and cityscape, this concept goes beyond traditional design, where space and skyline harmoniously elevate each other, creating a living experience unlike any other.

The design exudes a polished and modern aesthetic, perfectly aligned with the building's interior architecture. Bold statement pieces, fashioned from an unexpected mix of materials, take center stage. Picture a bespoke bathtub in striking Calacatta Viola marble, inviting residents to unwind while gazing across the mesmerizing skyline.

The expansive living room, thoughtfully zoned into distinct yet freely flowing spaces for living, informal dining, and a cozy reading corner, embodies the epitome of sophistication. The master bedroom, exuding a masculine allure, features a suede-upholstered headboard framed within an elegant grey marble surround. Ice blues and navy tones continue the theme, complemented by a burnt orange velvet chair that adds a touch of warmth, drawing the eye into the inviting room beyond.

At 111 West 57th Street, the designer of this amazing unit transforms living spaces into a visual symphony, where every element seamlessly coexists to create an unparalleled, elevated experience. 

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